Historical Contexts

This section is a work-in-progress intended to provide short and informative articles written in clear language to further knowledge of the historical context of the production and reception of labour periodicals in Canada.

Potential topics for narratives at Red Flags include:

  • The labour press before 1872
  • The condition of the working class in Canada
  • A history of working-class organization
  • Working-class readers
  • Women and the labour press
  • Transnational content/communication
  • What is “radical” politics?
  • Popular literature in the labour press
  • Representations of history and progress
  • Socialist and social problem novels
  • Words and images
  • Labour papers in other languages
  • Foreign labour papers in Canada
  • Labour and the reptile press
  • Pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins, government reports
  • 1919 and beyond

If you are interested in contributing to this section please contact David Buchanan.