This page provides a list of the newspapers described in more detail at this site. Each entry includes a combination of abstract, further description, full text (samples), and image gallery. It is a work-in-progress based primarily on my reading of newspapers available on microfilm or online. In some cases, the further description provided reflects particular interests, for example in the reprinting of international fiction or the representation of history in the labour press. The addition of newspapers is expected; ideally, this will become a collaborative endeavour, thus enabling far greater coverage. The aim is to describe a significant sample of labour newspapers from across the country and the period, wherever possible including information about the form, content, and publication history. This work, as well as more in-depth articles on particular periodicals (see Project Outputs), will provide the basis for introductory narratives on a variety of topics (see Narratives). For a more complete list, see Early Labour Newspapers.


In progress:

  • The Labor Union (Hamilton, 1883)
  • The Palladium of Labor (Hamilton, 1883-1886)
  • The Evening Palladium (Hamilton, 1884-1886)
  • The Industrial Banner (London/Toronto, 1892-1922)
  • The People’s Voice (Winnipeg, 1894-1897)
  • The Independent (Vancouver, 1900-1904)
  • The Toiler (Toronto, 1900-1905)
  • The Tribune (Toronto, 1905-1906)
  • Labor’s Realm (Regina, 1909-1910)
  • The Soviet (Edmonton, 1919)
  • The Searchlight (Calgary, 1919-1920)
  • The Red Flag (Vancouver, 1919-1920)

If you are interested in contributing to this section please contact David Buchanan.