Article Published

‘Yours for the Revolution’: Communication and Identity in the Western Clarion is now published in English Studies in Canada: 41.2/3 (2015): 133-164.

This article describes and analyses one of the most influential socialist newspapers of the early-twentieth century in Canada, the Western Clarion (Vancouver, 1903-25). Emphasis is placed on the selective use of various literary forms to define community interests and popularize the platform of the Socialist Party of Canada, and on how such communication practices shaped and were shaped by the maintenance of identity and group formation. At stake is a more complete record of Canadian literary history as well as a better understanding of literature and the politics of progress during a critical period of nation building. Link.

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August 2014

Site set up in progress: categories, organization, etc. Work on initial resources in progress, including an introduction, chronologies, and a further reading list, as well as preparation of work on newspapers such as The Ontario Workman, The Labor Advocate, and The Western Clarion.