Project Outputs

1. Monograph

Popular Reading and Radical Politics in Canada, 1872-1919. (in progress)

2. Refereed Journal Articles

“In Search of a ‘Newer and Truer’ Literature: Thomas Phillips Thompson and the Labor Advocate.” (revise and resubmit in progress)

“‘Yours for the Revolution’: Communication and Identity in The Western Clarion.English Studies in Canada 41.2-3 (2015): 133-164.

3. Book Reviews

Review of Picturing Reform in Victorian Britain by Janice Carlisle (Cambridge, 2012). Victorian Review 39.1 (Spring 2013): 201-2. Print.

Review of Critical Approaches to American Working-Class Literature edited by Michelle Tokarczyk (Routledge, 2012). Journal of American Studies 48.1 (2014): e11. Web.

4. Online resource

Red Flags: The Early Labour Press in Canada

5. Presentations

“Radical Politics and Effective Communication in the Early Canadian Labour Press: the Case of Phillips Thompson’s Labor Advocate.” Postdoc Talk, Department of English & Film Studies. U of Alberta. 24 March 2015.

“Teaching Working-Class Literature.” Proletarian Literature & Arts Workshop. U of Alberta. 29 August 2013.

“The Labour Press in Canada, 1872-1919.” Bibliographical Society of Canada. U of Victoria. 3 June 2013.

“Collection, Research, Knowledge: Digital Resources for Comparative Learning.” Canadian Comparative Literature Association. U of Victoria. 2 June 2013.

“Proletarian Literature in Canada, 1872-1919: Working Methodologies and Initial Results.” Postdoc Talk, Department of English. Simon Fraser U. 22 March 2013.

Buchanan, David, and Andrea Hasenbank. “Proletarian Literature & Arts.” Learning, Teaching, and Creating at the University and in the Community. U of Alberta. 31 August 2012.

6. Workshop

Buchanan, David, and Andrea Hasenbank. Proletarian Literature & Arts: Teaching Working-class Literature. U of Alberta. 29 August 2013.