By David Buchanan

The financial support for this project came from a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012-14). The Department of English at Simon Fraser University backed my fellowship application, offered valuable resources, and provided opportunities to present work in progress. Betty Schellenberg, Chair of the Department at the time of application, was supportive from the outset. As the postdoctoral supervisor, Carole Gerson not only encouraged the application at a very early stage but pointed to key resources while providing professional support and intellectual direction during the initial phases of the project. As others in Canada already know, Carole is a role model for emerging scholars. The idea for the fellowship application and this site resulted from my involvement in a project at the University of Alberta from 2011-12 called Proletarian Literature & Arts. The director was Gary Kelly and the co-coordinator was Andrea Hasenbank, both of whom have been influential in the development of my interest in the subject. I would like to acknowledge the libraries and librarians at the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser university, as well as those participating in the interlibrary loan system, that have made this research possible, and especially projects such as Early Canadian Online, BC Historical Newspapers, Manitobia, and Peel’s Prairie Provinces that have made such research easier by digitizing and making available labour newspapers online. As indicated throughout the site, Red Flags also builds upon the work of many other scholars. Finally, it is no small thing to make the publication of such materials easy, cheap, and attractive, which is exactly what WordPress makes possible.